Or other gay or like- minded friends

As my comfort level with myself began to flourish, so did my ability to socialize and meet new people. I have a lot of gay friends who I have Or other gay or like- minded friends slept with, but have had very few people ask me or accept my offer to go on a date…. Realitycheck Never had problems making friends, the trick is to be able to see and choose the right people, it is a matter of taking a chance opening one self to others and people will respond in kind.

Platonic, step it up, guys. Keep on peddling that nonsense.

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How would you know? I pretty much exclusively prefer lesbians for friendships over the other options. If I meet someone, I meet someone, but I'm not going out of my way to search for someone who may or may not exist. I have also never been in a situation where a friend makes moves on me or tries to kiss me or whatever…lol.

And stop trying to backtrack and support Sanders you putz. When you have the opportunity to give back and do something for the community, you'll be of service to others and there's no greater feeling than knowing you're supporting other people in their growth and development.

Or other gay or like- minded friends
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