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How Fishing Lures Get You the Big Catch

If you’re going fishing, you know you need more than just a rod and reel. Whether you’re saltwater or freshwater fishing, fishing lures can help you catch the big one. The purpose of these lures is to mimic the appearance of a typical prey for fish. The fish is attracted to the lure, and they take the bait, thus resulting in you getting a catch. You can find these at just about any bait and tackle store and at sporting goods stores. The greatest thing about lures is that they are fairly inexpensive, and you can buy a bag of several lures at once for a decent price.

Originally, fishing lures were used by cavemen thousand of years ago. Of course, they were not made of the same innovative material they are today. In ancient China and during the time of the cavemen, the lures were made of materials like sticks and bones. Their main purpose was to create a motion in the water, thus attracting the fish. The lure is attached to the hook and when it bobs and moves in the water, it attracts the fish over towards it. Once they near the lure, and see the bait attached to the hook, they are ready to bite. You can move your line back and forth to make the lure move in a repetitive motion, as to attract the fish. Fly fishing uses lures called flies, which float on top of the water since they attract this particular type of fish.

There are many different types of fishing lures. They come in many different bright colors and some even contain glitter to reflect light and make a bright and shiny lure for the fish. Each kind of lure attracts a different fish, so do some research and find out which ones will work best for the area you plan to fish in. Once you’ve purchased some, you will find your fishing harvest has improved and you’ve got more options.