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Buy the Best Mountain Hiking Equipment

Mountain hiking is far more arduous than camping which means that any mountain hiking equipment used had better be the best. When up on a mountain, there are no doctors let alone roads to get down to a doctor. The equipment used has to be the best in order to protect the hiker and get back down safely. After all, getting into a life threatening situation, rescue may not be available for several days and that means the afflicted will have to get by the best way possible without any assistance.

There is a big difference between taking a hiking day trip and mountain hiking. Day trips can be handled quite comfortably by wearing lighter weight shoes and taking less equipment. Mountain hiking equipment by necessity is much sturdier, stronger, and made to tolerate a beating.

The most important piece of hiking equipment purchased is shoes. Finding a pair that is particularly comfortable and yet is sturdy and offers exceptionally good ankle support is all it takes. One rock in the wrong place and a sprained ankle or even broken ankle is the end result. It is also a good idea to make sure that they are well insulated. Always prepare for weather colder than what is actually expected.

There is also the need to have significantly more hiking equipment for mountain use. Make sure to purchase a backpack that can carry at least three days worth of supplies in case of inclement weather. These supplies are going to include such things as a tent, sleeping bag and food and water supplies. Because these are quite heavy, the backpack has to fit properly to prevent excessive fatigue and be strong enough to carry all supplies but also tough enough to handle bumps, thumps and possibly falls.

When shopping for hiking equipment, don’t just choose the least expensive readily available. Choose items that are rated for temperatures that are below what any naturalist will actually experience. it is easy to find tents and sleeping bags that are rated below zero in nearly any sporting goods department.

Last, but not least, packing enough food and water to cover at least one extra day is vital. With the advances in dehydrated food and specialized packaging, it is easy to carry the extra packets needed and still have room for all the extra equipment that should be taken such as crampons or even an emergency beacon.