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Custom Golf Club Tips

Golfing ability, style, and swing are all very distinctive. Today you have the option of a custom fit golf club designed specially for your your grip type, lie angle, swing type, shaft type, height, and a combination of many other factors. The first process to custom fitting is you must have several measurements taken. Also, a good custom golf club maker will give you a thorough assessment of your game, and maybe even watch how you hit a couple of balls.

In essence, a custom fit golf club is one for your personal golf swing. With a well fit golf club you will find that you are the best person to use it.

In any level of golf, a custom golf club is designed to perform exactly how you want it, with no flaws. Meaning if you hit the ball in a certain direction the club will make a square hit with the ball and deliver a straight shot where you intended.

Things to know, and have available for the club fabricator:

1. Your Gender (Male or Female)- Used to put you into the correct fitting scale for custom golf clubs. The golf industry uses different definitions of “standard length” for men and women.

2. Your exact height (In your golf shoes)

3. Exact distance from your wrist (where it bends), to the floor ( shoes off)

4. Your arm length

– Numbers 1 through 4 apply to the club length that is appropriate for you.

5. Your age

6. Your skill level, or handicap (if any)

7. Your swing speed

8. What type of club you would use for a 150 yard shot

– Numbers 5 through 8 are used in determining the amount of flex your custom club will have. Consequently, this also aids in determination of the club materials (graphite or steel).

If you have a slice, this often can be fixed by custom fitting. Most of the time a slice is caused by the club toe leading into the ball. This problem often is a sign the club is too flat for your swing.

When fitting, the club maker will also retake the above measurements, but it is important for you to have them available top possibly catch any errors. The club fabricator should also take some other measurements not addressed above, such as your hand size and the club face impact angle.

Any golfer can benefit from custom golf clubs. No matter your skill level, age, height, style, or anything else, custom golf clubs will improve your game. Custom fitting only for good or great golfers is a big misconception. If money is a concern, then ask the custom fitters if they can simply readjust or modify your current golf clubs, most fitters will.