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The Keen Targhee Shoe – One of the Best Hiking Shoes Available

Not all hiking shoes are made equal. There are those that claim to offer all this protection and they fail to live up to it. Then there are those hiking shoes that are designed properly and work how they are supposed. Those manufacturers are few; however their quality stands out from the others. This article will take a look at one such product, the Keen Targhee. It will examine why it is considered to be one of the best hiking shoes available.

Keen is known for making a wide variety of shoes, however one this is common with all of them and that is the fact that they are comfortable and offer superb protection. The Targhee from Keen is one of those shoes that stand out. It is the perfect hiking shoe as it is able to offer the comfort and protection that people in the outdoors require, while also looking good.

What Makes it the Best?

The Keen Targhee shoe is considered to be one of the best based off the features of the shoe. These features make it perfect for people who are in the outdoors/hiking. The shoe comes with a toe protector which will help to keep accidental bumps and scrapes away from the feet, as individuals climb up dangerous terrain. The shoe is also waterproof and has the ability to keep the feet dry as persons walk through streams or other bodies of water. Even though the shoe is waterproof, it is still breathable and this is due to the fact that the shoe has a breathable mesh. There is also a metatomical footbed that will mold to the wearers foot, which will give them added support and comfort. Outside the shoe has lugs which will allow it to have excellent traction. The rubber outsoles also will give the shoe the grip that it needs as it relates to specific terrain.

All of the features work very well when it comes to the

. They are able to give wearers of the shoe protection, comfort and style, something that other products fail to do. Many people who purchase these shoes are extremely satisfied and that is the reason why Keen has so many repeat customers. For individuals who are looking for the best hiking shoes available, then this will be at the top of the list.