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Travel — Maryland — Golf Courses — Great Fairways and Legendary Greens to Test Your Skills

If you’re a golf fan, Maryland has many options and surprises for you. The rich selection of fairways in practically every county makes Maryland an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts at every level of the game.

That must be why a number of distinguished golf tournaments have been held in Maryland including LPGA McDonald’s Championship (at Hartford County’s Bulle Rock), U.S. Senior Open (Caves Valley Golf Club in Baltimore County), the famous Booz Allen Classic (at the classy and exclusive Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Montgomery County). The same Bethesda club will also hold the U.S. Amateur Golf Championship in 2009 and the U.S. Open two years after that.

A casual count will reveal that there are over 250 (at least 9-hole) golf clubs and centers in the Bay State.

The most historic among them is probably the one in Elkton designed at a spot where it is alleged that George Washington has monitored the British troops as they landed on shore back in 1777.

Did you know that the course right next to Annapolis on the banks of the Chester River has three holes that are almost a replica of their counterparts at the British Open?

Jack Nicklaus has designed another important course in Western Maryland, near Lake Habeeb.

Next time you’re in Maryland, make sure bring your clubs with you and take a good swing on some of the best greens between Augusta and Scotland.