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How to Swing a Golf Club

This is a question that any new golfer asks, but one that is more complicated than saying “do this, do that” because the swing will differ for any particular shot that you might want to play. In this article however I will mention a few areas that are most important to the golf swing. I’d recommend going to your local driving range at first where you’ll be able to practice and experiment with what you learn.

What you might notice at first is that the golf swing does feel a bit awkward, but remember that it only comes down to practice, much like when you first ride a bike. As soon as you’ve been taught the basics of a good swing you will be able to practice and improve as you go.

Don’t forget that you do not necessarily need to hit a golf ball when practicing your swing. You can practice in your back yard by focusing on a piece of grass and concentrating on your swing rather than where the ball goes at the end of it.

The golf swing isn’t something that is a fixed motion. By that I mean what works for one golfer may not work for another. A tall person will have a different swing than a short person for example.

When a golf professional looks at your swing they will be looking for a number of things; the backswing, downswing, and the follow-through after you’ve hit the ball. Each part of the swing plays a role in how well you hit the ball.

The backswing should be a smooth motion and ideally end with the back elbow at a 90-degree angle. The backswing is an area that many people have difficulty with and I did also. Originally I was trying to hit the ball too hard and as a result my backswing was too fast and also rotated at too much of an angle.

On the downswing most of your body plays a part in bringing the club down towards the line of the ball, not just your arms. Many people will concentrate solely on what they are doing with their arms, whereas you should also concentrate on hip movement and knees especially.

Do not allow for a loose follow-through. It is a tendency for some golfers to relax and not concentrate after the downswing, but follow-through is important. When making contact with the ball the arm that is forward (left for a right-handed player, right for a left-handed) should be in a straight line with the club shaft. The club should end up pointing at your intended target with the grip end first.

The golf swing takes time and practice in order to get used to a way that you are comfortable with playing.