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What is the Best Way to Work Out at Home?

If you want an intense home workout, then the best way is to perform bodyweight exercises. Pushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats will get you far. However, eventually you will need to learn variations of these movements to make further progress.

A second option is to purchase a set of dumbbells. You can purchase cheap dumbbells from, or At a local sporting goods store, they will cost less than .50 cents per pounds. Regardless of how you attain your dumbbells, you can have a great workout with them.

What you want to do is to choose the right exercises and perform them with a high intensity technique. In my opinion, the best exercises are compound in nature. Compound means that they work multiple muscle groups at one time.

Choosing compound movements with bodyweight training is fairly easy since all bodyweight exercises work more than one muscle group. However, if you are training with dumbbells, stick to chest presses, should presses, bent over rows, and squats.

These are the basic compound movements, and will give you a baseline to start from. Don’t get me wrong. You can and should perform things like bicep curls and triceps extension, but do not spent too much time on these isolation movements.

Isolation movements are great for toning or bring up a specific body part. But this is only after you already have a good physique. If you’re still overweight, then you have no business performing bicep curls and triceps extensions.

Trust me, I spent 6 months using a bodybuilding style program, and I ended up bulky and slow. I actually got fatter, even though I was counting calories and eating less. Don’t make the same mistake I did when creating your own home fitness program.