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Get Your Golf Clubs Custom Made and Cut Your Handicap Drastically

You almost certainly have a unique body shape and strength to anyone else. That is why having custom golf clubs could be of use for you. In order to optimise them for you, the lie angle as well as the girth and sort of grip, how long the shaft is and what flexibility it has, can all be altered.

All you have to supply is a couple of body measurements, then they analyze your game for a short while. The real idea behind it is that your club head should be square to the ball when you hit it. Adjusting the club to suit your swing is how they get to that point. Here is some of the things that they need to know.

They then customize the club by the following method.

How far your wrist is from the ground and your height are the factors in working out how long the club’s shaft should be. If a golfer has long arms and he is also tall, he may need a shorter length of club than his friend who is of normal height but whose arms are short. Does that surprise you? Other information that is collected determines how flexible your club needs to be.

Your slice can be a thing of the past after you have completed this process. The more they know the better so inform them of any idiosyncrasies you have like the ball slice. Your swing could need some adjustment or it might be that the head of the club is not addressing the ball correctly. Any of these little foibles you have can almost certainly be overcome by having a tailor made club.

There are varying methods of customizing though by the various golfing equipment makers. But a golf club is usually built from the basic measurements. The golf balls are then brought out and you will have to hit a few.

Which portion of the club is first to hit the grass is worked out by using a kind of marker board. They can then adjust the club face to more upright or flatter based on that information.

Your normal swing is then analyzed for shape, strength and speed as well as the amount of spin you can work on a ball. Your old set of clubs can be left at home when you are being refitted for a custom made set. They start at the very beginning.

It is not only the professional golfer that has this expertise done for him. Your game can get better as well. All your mistakes cannot be ironed out like this though. You might need to have a bit of coaching as well.

Having the right club for your body type though will in itself save you several shots on a round. Customizing your golf club normally does not have to be paid for by you. They simply expect you to buy your set of golf clubs from them after they do it.