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Nakashima Custom Golf Components

Nakashima Golf happen to be a world apart for all golfers looking for the best in terms of feel and distance. Using the finest materials available in tandem with revolutionary techniques, Nakashima scores on 3 points: Performance, Beauty and Craftsmanship.

When it comes to customization of golf components especially clubs, mass production is refrained from. One of the most famous products is the NP-1 driver which is made from using a forging technique that fine tunes the sense of feel and control. In addition to the Professionals, Nakashima’s products also cater to the amateurs, juniors and women golfers.

Some of the famous components are:

Nakashima Htec drivers which are state of the art, technological marvels where the body is a body that is vacuum cast titanium enabling better impact while creating huge power transfer.

The recent NX-1 Tour Proven Fairway Metals sport a high grade double construction enabling the head to be consistent with very precise wall thickness. This optimizes weight and brings to the golfer a fairway metal with tremendous carry, immense feel and amazing swing.

The NP-1 set of irons are forged using the technologically high grade carbon steel. On dual forging of the heads, the grain is smoothed and made uniform and thus offering better feel unlike what any other forged iron can provide. This is essentially used by professional golfers who desire greater flexibility from their equipment. The NP-1 iron sports a “tour grind shaped sole” with rounded trailing edges preventing the sole from digging the turf.