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Bible Lessons – Two Sunday School Ideas That Are Fun and Educational

Children’s ministry provides educators with the opportunity to share the teachings of the Bible and Christianity with the young people of the congregation. By incorporating fun

and interesting Sunday school activities into your curriculum, you’re sure to get your students’ attention and enthusiasm.

For this Bible lesson, you’ll need the following supplies:

*Oversized clothing including hiking boots, jacket, vest and hat

*Walking stick

*Canteen belt

Ask for a volunteer from your children’s liturgy class, and explain that he or she is to pretend to go on a hike. Your volunteer will put on the clothing in this order:

1. Canteen belt, which represents the belt of truth

2. Vest, which represents the breastplate of righteousness

3. Hiking boots, representing feet protected by the gospel of peace

4. Jacket, which symbolizes the shield of faith

5. Hat, which represents the helmet of salvation

Next, give the volunteer the walking stick. This item symbolizes the sword of the Spirit. As the student takes and puts on each item during this Bible activity, explain to the Sunday school class the safety characteristics of each. Compare the clothing we wear to go on a hike with the armor of God, described in the Bible as a tool to protect us from evil. Read Ephesians 6:10-18 to reinforce this Bible study lesson.

For this Sunday school activity, you’ll need the following:

*Lots of letter-shaped pasta

*Short Bible verses written on a whiteboard or chalkboard

This Bible lesson will help to reinforce memory verses. Break up your class into pairs, and give each pair a small handful of pasta letters. Explain that the children are to place the letters in order to create one of the verses that you have written on the board. Some of the verses and phrases you can use are:

*Jesus Christ is Lord

*God is love

*All have sinned

*Thank you Jesus

*Jesus loves me

The first pair to successfully “write out” one of the phrases wins a prize.

These are just two ideas to utilize during your children’s ministry classes. The emphasis is on having fun and learning!