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Golf Club Fitting

Most golfers nowadays rush to their nearest pro shop to buy the newest driver endorsed by their favorite PGA Tour superstar. They are attracted by the latest development in club technology, but the question is, is it the right driver for you? Common sense club fitting is common in the United States but in the Philippines where I reside, it means additional expense. I seldom encounter a golfer in my home golf course that underwent club fitting. They just buy golf clubs as is and make the necessary adjustments. It just doesn’t work that way.

Total club fitting with a leading golf club manufacturer involves 5 processes.

1. Interview Process

Completing the Club Fitting Questionnaire helps the fitter understand your preferences and goals. This includes your current equipment, your current distance shots and what do you want to achieve with your future equipment.

2. Static Measurement

Your height, wrist to floor, hand to longest finger, driving distance, clubhead speed, desired trajectory and other measurements are used to calculate a starting point. Fitters will have an idea on what loft and shaft to recommend. Higher loft and graphite shafts for slow swingers, lower loft and steel shafts for golfers with fast clubhead speeds.

3. Dynamic Swing Test

Using a special equipment called swing analyzer, a fitter evaluates how your stance and swing affect the position of the clubhead at impact. They may correct your minor defects until you arrive at the ideal swing synergies. Remember, each golfer has a distinct swing style and no two are alike.

4. Ball Flight Observation

Your ball flight tendencies and preferences are important factors in determining the final specifications. A golfer takes around 50 to 75 ball shots. Driver and iron shots are observed and analyzed separately until the fitter arrives at the conclusion on how they will customize the right club specs that will fit you perfectly.

5. Monitor Performance

Since your swing may change over time, periodic evaluations can help keep you playing to your full potential. The “Performance Scoresheet” can help identify your shot making patterns and tendencies. Fitters will make minor tweaks on your clubs to keep up with the your swing changes over time.

If you are a recreational golfer out there to improve your game, then don’t scrimp on this much needed procedure. If you want a good fitting suit, you don’t buy off the rack, you have it custom tailored for you. It goes the same with golf. Common sense club fitting will take your game to the next level beyond your wildest imagination.