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Colorado Hiking Tips For Ultimate Enjoyment

Is a Colorado hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains on your horizon? If so, then try these tips to increase your enjoyment.

A Colorado hiking trip begins with plans for where you will be going. When choosing a trail it is important to take into consideration the altitude change and how many miles will be hiked. When looking at the altitude change it is important to realize that the same distance with even a moderate change in altitude will feel much more difficult and take more time than the same distance without much of an altitude change. When determining how many miles to hike, always allow for the slowest person in the party, and err on the side of fewer miles, rather than too many.

Once you have planned a route for your Colorado hiking trip, make sure you write it down. Include dates and times of estimated departure for the trailhead and estimated times of return. Once you have this information written out you can leave it with a friend or family member so that if there is a problem and you do not return on time they can send help out.

Colorado hiking is known for its wonderful scenery. It is also known for its dramatic changes in weather, especially at higher altitudes. This means that layered clothing is the best option; where if the day starts out warm shorts and a tee shirt can be worn, but if the day cools off quickly a pair of long pants, a jacket, and a fleece hat can be added. Another good idea is to carry along a rain jacket.

Bringing food is important even if going on a very short hike, and essential if going on a long one. This can be calorie-rich snack foods such as nuts or a candy bar. Even more vital to a safe and enjoyable trip is hydration. This can take the form of water, juice, or sports drinks. Whichever option is chosen make sure that enough is taken so that when thirst kicks in it can be promptly quenched.

Colorado hiking has much to recommend it, including a great variety of plant and animal life. The best way to enjoy these are to take frequent breaks, look around, and see why the Colorado Rocky Mountains are a favorite escape. Bringing a camera and binoculars are fun ways to enjoy the plentiful nature and scenery that is offered.

Colorado hiking trips are great ways to enjoy the best the state has to offer when it comes to nature and wildlife. Following the above tips can help to make wonderful memories and ultimate enjoyment more likely.