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Fun Utah Hiking Trails

There are many great Utah hiking trails that you can enjoy while visiting the state. In fact many of the state’s natural attractions all come after beautiful hikes.

So if hiking Utah is on your mind, here are many different trails that you might find very interesting.

1. Delicate Arch Trail

This is one of the most famous trails in Utah, if not the most famous trail. Why is that? When you get to the end you see Utah’s most famous Arch, the Delicate Arch. This beautiful arch sits is complemented by

the unbelievable view of the canyon below.

It is so mysterious that it has become a symbol of the state’s beauty and wonder. If you are ever near the

Arches National Park this is a must see if for no other reason then, it is so famous. The hike can be a little hard especially if you go during the summer, but it is well worth it when you reach the end.

2. Navajo Loop

This is a trail in Bryce Canyon and I have to say was my favorite part about the park. Instead of taking you to an awesome view of the canyon, it lets you go down into the canyon. The hike is 1.3 miles long and takes you directly to the heart of the canyon, where you walk between Giant rocks, and beautiful trees.

This is a perfect picture taking trail and I would recommend it to anyone in the area.

3. Emerald Pools

The emerald pools trail is a very interesting trail that takes you directly under a waterfall. The pools are at the top of the falls and can get very full depending on how much it has been raining. Coming here during the fall is pretty enjoyable.