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What is the Best Portable Water Filter to Use For Hiking Or Travel?

When we are out travelling or hiking, one important thing to ponder on is your water source. You can pack all the bottles of water you need but you never know when you will need more. This is why it is imperative to have a nice, handy-dandy water filter to bring with us as we travel or hike.

Katadyn Filtration Company produces the best water purifying solution for hikers and travellers. Their expertise in manufacturing reliable filtration systems is well-known. In fact, most of the products for such a purpose are made by this company. Other brands such as Sport Berkey and Seychelle also come close to this company.

Here are a few of the highly rated water filters you might want to try:

This inexpensive filter is made from aluminum materials which make it durable to use for rough outdoor activities. It can filter up to 13,000 gallons of dirty water so you can use this for a long period of time.

The reason why its filtration system works so well is because of the 0.2 micron filtration device integrated in it. It can separate harmful contaminants in water such as cysts, parasites, salmonella and fungi to name a few.

This comes in a bottle form. It filters water as you drink it. It uses ionic absorption filter that is purported to reduce any form of contaminant by up to 99.8%. And judging from the reports of those who have used it, it does a good job in doing so.

This is another highly-rated product. You will find this idea because it gets rid of contaminants including, hard and heavy metals like mercury and lead, pathogens like e-coli and giardia and toxic contaminants like pesticides for up to 99.9%. The bottle is also lightweight so it is easy to carry around anywhere.

This is another good product from Katadyn. It uses ceramic filter that is really durable. It filters clean two quarts of clean water in just one minute. It gets rid of contaminants, pathogens, chemicals and toxins and many others.

You can trust in these portable water filters when you are out travelling or camping. No need to bring with you bottles of water anymore when you can have a nice and handy filtration device such as those mentioned above at all times.