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Stylish Women’s Boot

“These boots are made for walking”

Women have a huge inkling for shoe wear. It is hard to find any woman who does not have a shoe fetish. It is the shoes that turn her on, and shoes that help her mend a broken heart. Quite shallow one might say, but well that’s the way it is. There are many types of shoes that women wear, there are varieties galore. Boots lead the pack.

Women’s boots are highly symbolic. Boots bring out the ‘man’s’ side in a woman. Fiercely independent women, cutting edge personalities making a statement, saying – ‘love me or hate me, but you sure can’t ignore me’. Wearing and carrying off boots takes confidence. It is not just about anyone’s piece of cake.

Women who love boots have choices galore when it comes to what kind of women’s boot one is looking for. There are cowboy boots, tall boots. One may also choose from knee high boots, ankle boots or booties from women. It is a classy way to be a cowgirl. These boots are really versatile; one has the option to make it look amazing with short dresses, adding a little confidence to the feminine vulnerability. Women’s boots look really great with casual skirts and can look really amazing when they are worn with skinny jeans. Ankle boots are also in vogue and look really great. They are particularly good for girls who want to wear boots but then feel threatened by the shafts. But then, if you are one of those complete feminists that walk only in heels, there are the dressy boots with heels that easily go from being good enough to be worn to work to being worn when one goes out. There is also the D-ring style that the conservative boot wearer swears by.

There are many different companies that come up with amazing collections for all seasons. There different offers on boots at different times of the year and at different seasons that make these already irresistible pairs complete must haves.

These boots are worn with socks. Particularly people with sensitive fee which are more prone to blisters or scars etc should take extra care while putting on these shoes. There are many different ways how the whole ensemble works and the women, who carry it off, they look nothing less than a million bucks. For the more orthodox there are booties which are more of a cross between boots and dress shoes.