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Hiking Poles

Any hiker knows that two legs are not enough in order to ensure stability on the trail. In order to stop slipping or to hinder any accident from coming on your way, a walking stick or hiking poles are needed to give yourself the stability that you need. Walking with the help of two poles can offer more stability and it can also provide workout benefits that will become beneficial to the body.

Obviously, hiking poles will help lessen the impact of hiking to the leg muscles and knee joints. This also provide arm and shoulder muscles support and leg muscles are relieved from the stress. Because the poles would ask a person to sustain a “hands above the heart” position, circulation is then improved and heart rate is lessened. Furthermore, the “rhythm” which is created during walking with the use of poles would leads to relaxed and better breathing ability. Also, it will provide an increased stamina support.

There was even a study published by Dr. G. Neureuther during the year 1981 that suggest that the use of poles while walking can help lessen pressure on the opposite leg by as much as 20%. When a person is also using the pole while walking on a level ground, the activity will help reduce the body weight that is carried by the legs by as much as 5 kg per step. If walking on an inclined surface, 8 kg of weight is reduced.

According to Jacquie Hunt who is a famous editor of a hiking newsletter, hiking poles provide the benefit of freeing the hand from swelling particularly when hot. The poles will keep the arms moving hence the blood would not merely pool in the hands which is much safer than putting the hands high on pack straps while hiking.

Also, hiking poles are basically known to help people that are being disturbed by their balance issues. Keep in mind that people have various comfort levels when it comes to balancing, but almost all hikers would agree that their balance would worth gold for them. Proper balance will help them cross paths properly and securely hence they can go into rocky and watery places without worrying at all.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks that these poles may give. The most noted drawback that this piece of equipments can give is the fact that a lot of people cannot actually make use of poles the right way. Without proper technique, any

will become unnecessary. With this, it is just fair if you can practice the use of this contraption each day so you will learn the right trick on how to properly use them. As they say, practice makes perfect hence you can expect that sooner or later, you will be able to do the right thing. If you can not seem to perfect the skill, it will not hurt if you can seek the help of experienced individual so you will be taught with the right skills competently.