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Top Flight Beginner Golf Clubs

Do you have a beginner golfer in your household? Are you getting tired of seeing them pay for rental clubs or just think its time that they had their very own set of clubs? If you’ve done any browsing you’ve probably noticed that there are plenty of beginner golf clubs out there to choose from.

It can be very difficult to choose a good set of beginner golf clubs to buy. If you buy a really inexpensive set will they hold up to the daily grind of playing? Not sure you want to send too much just in case your golfer decides he or she doesn’t want to play anymore?

The Top Flight XL 5000 box full set has the best value of any beginner golf clubs on the market. Not only are they reasonably priced but their quality is great. These are some of the qualities that set them apart from the rest:

The Top Flight XL 5000 set comes with 18 pieces which is more than any other beginner set. This is an awesome amount of clubs that will allow your golfer to hit the course in style. The set comes with a 5-Wood that has a cover and a Sand Wedge, two clubs you would normally have to buy separately. These 2 clubs in themselves justify the price difference between this set and lesser expensive sets.

The 460 forged driver gets great distance and accuracy and has a draw-biased weight screw and a Synchro-flex graphite shaft. The weight screw is a very important feature because beginners are known to have natural slices built into their swings. The stainless-steel fairway woods (the 3-wood and the 5-wood) also have draw-biased weight screws along with True Temper steel shafts that make for more consistent shots.

The 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, 9-iron, pitching wedge, and sand wedge are perimeter-weighted stainless steel clubs that have enhanced forgiveness and control due to their deep cut cavity backs and deeper center of gravities.

The putter is a stand out with a soft face CNC-milled mallet-ring design, a high moment of inertia design, and an alignment stripe. This allows for better accuracy and a more consistent roll. The pros pride themselves on their putting skills and this putter will give your beginner a better “touch” on the greens and allow them to better their putting abilities.

Both the clubs and the carrying bag in this set of beginner golf clubs have a great design. The clubs themselves have a diamond plate design that makes them look much more expensive than they are. The bag is a very trendy black, red, and silver. It’s lightweight, durable, has lots of storage space, and comes with head covers and a rain hood.