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Develop Player Strength and Extension With Total Control Balls

Used in both baseball and softball, total control balls (TCBs) help develop player strength and extension through the hitting zone. While there are many options in the market for training balls, coaches find this hitting aid most efficient for batting practice. Having players run back and forth while their team mates take batting practice is a waste of valuable practice time. Also, not all teams have the resources to focus on hitting, outfield and infield at the same time. Some coaches may use a net but this does not allow players to assess their swing or receive instant feedback by the flight of the ball after contact is made.

If you have been looking for a way to improve batting practice and build strength in players of a smaller stature, TCBs are ideal. The extra weight in these (they are heavier than a regular game one) helps players develop force as they must swing harder through contact. When players are forced to swing and feel the impact of that swing, they learn the importance of driving through the ball. Additionally, unlike hitting into a net, these training ones give players true feedback by enabling them to see how the ball would travel if a real baseball or softball was being pitched to them.

Strength and swing aside, there are many advantages to practicing with TCBs. Let us take a look at the reasons both coaches and players love them.

When you have the right weight, style and purpose, these Total Control Balls do offer what they claim to. For players that need instant feedback or just need to develop more strength and follow through, you may find training balls improve player performance faster than batting practice with game balls.

Where can you purchase them? Buy from an established sports equipment distributor that provides quality products and consistent service. They are also likely to offer guidance and advice on which size and weight is best for players on your team. Take practice sessions a notch higher by ensuring your players develop strength and control with each swing and pitch.