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Styles and Varieties of Winter Boots

When the snow falls and the wind blows and it’s cold outside, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping your feet warm and dry. Good winter boots make all the difference in the world to your comfort and to how long you can work or play out of doors without becoming too cold.

Winter boots come in all kinds, from Eskimo inspired mukluks, moon boots and soft soled moccasins to laced up logger’s or hiking styles and cowboy boot overshoes. Which kind you decide upon depends on you and how much you are concerned about fashion and comfort, where you are going to wear them and what you will be doing.

Some of the most stylish winter boots really offer little protection from the elements, while others manage to combine a sense of style with warmth and protection. If you plan to walk in the city, you may choose a more genteel style, either lace up or pull up.

For women, high heeled boots for winter are available and, although not practical on a daily basis, they continue to be popular. They are not meant for extended wearing in cold weather.

If you intend to walk, play or work in the country, winter hiking boots may be your best choice. Not only do they provide protection from cold and snow, they provide protection from sharp stones, most animal bites and other dangers.

If you choose lace up winter boots, make sure the tongue is wide enough to completely cover the opening, plus a generous edge to tuck under, especially at the lower end. Otherwise, you’ll eventually get snow packed inside your boot.

For building snowmen or sledding, whether you’re a child or adult, mukluks or moon boots are good choices, as they’re comfortable, warm and will keep your feet dry. Don’t wear them if you’re going to be on rough terrain, because the softer soles and sides are not made to stand up to hard wear. Hiker’s or logger’s styles will do better for that.

Your choice of winter boots can mean the difference between an enjoyable winter experience and a miserable one, so think it through first.