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The Best Kind of Golf Clubs

How do you figure out the best type of golf clubs to buy? First off, you probably will want to find out about a little of their history and how clubs and balls have changed as they have improved to become what they are today.

Here are some quick highlights about golf equipment.

When golf began, the first players used just the wood that was available nearby to make one or two rough clubs. As the game became more popular, they were carved and formed to handle the different shots necessary for various soils. However, even with shaping it for more precision, the wooded heads of the clubs wore out quickly.

Then, the iron heads were developed and placed the the wooden shaft, which made the clubs last a lot longer. Now there were two distinct types commonly used.

So, who did make first golf clubs? Mostly, the golfers themselves make their own. Those of high quality were produced by local farmers and skilled craftsmen. These men were the most capable and had the materials already to make the iron heads and hard wood handles.

The Scottish kings and then other European kings, had their personal craftsmen make their clubs. The very same craftsmen that fashioned the bows and arrows, made the royal ones as well.

Today, thanks to development of a vast number of metals, plastics and ceramics, the number of materials that clubs are made of is overwhelming. The most common materials are titanium, aluminum, steel, copper, and beryllium. Actually the majority of them have graphite shafts and titanium heads.

A set of good clubs may cost you a pretty penny, but with their strong modern construction, yours may endure many different kinds of golf courses, weather and accidental abuse as they get tossed around while being moved from course to car to storage.

Few golfers these days have any wood in their clubs at all. This makes clubs and other golf equipment last for many years, extending their life considerably. Passing on a favorite club to a son or an honored friend is not uncommon with people that have enjoyed playing golf for decades all of their life. Surely, the best kind of golf club.