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Beginner Golf Instruction and the Basic Rules You Must Know

What sport allows you to get some exercise, socialize and be with the elements? Golf does! It may seem intimidating to get into the sport, but there are some basic beginner golf instructions and rules that you need to know. By knowing these rules, you will not only blend in with your fellow golfers, you’ll have an awesome experience and will be itching to step onto the green again.

Rule #1 – Before you even go onto a golf course, you should consider what golf clubs to use. Go to the nearest sporting goods store and check out the different types. See what type of golf clubs feel most comfortable to you. You may be on a budget and may feel that you are unable to buy the clubs you like at the store. So an option would be to go online. Check out eBay, and see how much the golf club set you like costs compared to that at the store. You may be surprised on the deals you find. If you don’t mind using a used golf club set, that may also be another option.

Rule #2 – It is recommended that you go to a driving range before stepping onto a full fledged golf course. Many people that are experienced at golf have told this to beginners as you need to master being able to hit the ball with all the golf clubs you have. By practicing your swing, and distance, you will be prepared to hit golf balls on the actual course, not to mention hitting at certain angles.

Rule #3 – Once you’ve mastered hitting golf balls at the driving range, you’ll be ready to go out onto a real golf course! Exciting huh? But, there are specific golf instructions and rules that you, as a beginner will need to abide by, as there is truly an honor system when you are playing golf. There aren’t any officials watching over you (unless you’re playing in a tournament). In order to play the game, you’ll need to make sure you keep these rules in mind.

Basic Rules When Playing Golf:

It may be intimidating at first, but not everything is easy, especially for a beginner! Make sure you practice and understand the rules. If you keep these rules in mind, you’re well on your way to a great game of golf!