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How to Pack For Your Backpacking Trip in the Mountains

During the summer months, many outdoor enthusiasts head out to nature to go camping, canoeing or backpacking. As the old saying for the Boy Scouts goes, always be prepared is very important when planning for one of these adventures into the sometimes unforgiving wilderness. This article will discuss all of the necessities that are essential to a safe and comfortable backpacking experience ranging from what to include in a first aid kit or first aid kits to what type of outer wear you should pack for varying weather.

Once you have decided where you are going to go for your backpacking trip and have a definite route planned out you need to pack all of the things you need. The first thing to address would be the all important first aid kit and all of the supplies needed in the event that someone gets hurt or sick on the trek. Several bandages, ace wraps and a couple of splints are good to have in the kit for the common cuts and sprains that can happen while hiking. Alcohol wipes and other ointments and creams may prove to be useful too to help with cuts and bug bites, or poison ivy. Always have Benadryl too in case someone shows an allergic reaction to something.

What type of food you will bring while backpacking is quite limited as you are the one having to carry all of that weight on your back. This is why dehydrated foods are ideal for people going on backpacking trips. They come in a many different varieties in a water safe lightweight pouch where just water is needed to make the meal. Instead of packing water which is also heavy, bring a water purifier or water purifying tablets to be put in lake or river water to make it safe to drink. Other lightweight options to pack may be dried pasta, a couple cans of tuna fish and nutrition bars.

Proper clothing is also essential for a comfortable and safe hiking trip, especially when hiking throughout mountainous areas. Just because it is summertime, if you hike high enough into the altitude, there is often snow still on the ground at higher elevations. One of the most important elements is a good broken in pair of waterproof hiking boots. Having good ankle support will help prevent you from rolling or spraining your ankle too. Many people just wear one outfit for a backpacking trip to save space and just layer their clothing. Zip off khaki pants are a smart choice that can be worn as pants or shorts. Also, totally waterproof gear with gortex is a great idea as well as wool socks, a thin wool layer to wear in colder temperatures and a warm hat and gloves too.

Having good maps and a GPS as well as a satellite phone are all things you should consider when heading into the wilderness too. Safety is always the most important thing to consider when headed out to the great outdoors.