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Hybrid Golf Clubs Review – Callaway Heavenwood

I started playing hybrid golf clubs about two years ago when I finally gave up the dream of being able to hit my 3-iron. When I was younger, I loved the long game and would have no problem pulling out that 3-iron with hesitation. As the years have passed, I now cringe at the thought, especially if it’s over water. That is until, I found Callaway Heavenwood hybrid golf clubs.

After a horrifically long day on the course about two years ago, I finally had enough. I think my 3 & 4-irons cost me about 6 strokes that day and I could not stand it any more. I had done some research online about hybrid golf clubs and finally bit the bullet. I ended up purchasing one Callaway Heavenwood 3H and one Callaway Heavenwood 4H. I bought these online for about $125 total and they were to quickly replace my defunct 3-iron and 4-iron.

I’m not a big driving range guy, I’d rather just go out to the golf course and get swinging. I don’t have a ton of time to play, so when I do get out I like to make it count. Speaking of making it count, it wasn’t long before I found myself reaching into my bad for the Callaway Heavenwood 4H. It was about 185 yards out, pretty much no wind, pin was tucked between a sand trap in front and behind the green. I grabbed the Heavenwood and gave it a rip. To my and my friends amazement, I stuck it about 12 feet left of the pin.

Since that day, I’ve hit hundreds of shots with my Callaway Heavenwood hybrid golf clubs and they have never let me down. My 3H & 4H are my go-to clubs for confidence, and by far are my most consistent clubs in my bag.

On the technical side, the Callaway Heavenwood series comes in seven lofts and can replace your 1-7 irons. Lofts range between 14 and 32 degrees. They come in steel or graphite, left or right handed. One of the things I like the most about the club is the small clubhead. It has a really low profile face that gives you the ability to work the ball and manipulate trajectory like no other club on the market.

Any of the Heavenwood hybrids retail for $99 in steel and $129 in graphite. You can hit any of the online auction sites and pick them up at half that all day long. For the price, there is no other hybrid on the market that can help lower your score more than the Callaway Heavenwood.