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Campers know that there are many different types of gear that you must have for a fun and successful camping trip. Tents are a must, as are tarps and cook stoves or grills. And another must have is the camp shower. It is one of the most important items you can have for a camp trip for different reasons.

A portable shower can be used for more than just washing your body. The enclosed area can also be used to store other types of gear when it is not in use. This is especially important if you are camping in an area that may get some rain, since often times you do not want certain items to get wet. And the propane water heater can also be used to wash your dishes after meals. And since the enclosure is large enough for a person to stand in you can even change your clothes in there instead of in your tent.

The cost for this item is relatively cheap. You can typically get the whole set up for around $100. You can purchase this type of shower at just about every sporting goods store and even department stores, such as Wal-mart. Some places will carry the entire setup as one package. Others will require you to purchase the water heating mechanism separately from the tent enclosure. In addition to the shower setup you will also need to purchase a few batteries and a propane tank. The batteries are used to power the mechanism that pulls the water through the hose to the nozzle. The propane is used to heat the water.

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