Cointelegraph is a news site in London, launched in the month of October, 2013. The cointelegraph is a source which provides news based on cryptocurrency, bitcoin gambling, blockchain, crypto market, etc. It has no public statement that its publishers own bitcoin. There was a public statement which proves that some of the writers in the publishing house received bitcoin as a payment.

There are various sources which show that for advertising purposes media is now accepting bitcoin as a payment method. Two conferences were organized by cointelegraph in 2017 on the topic of Blockchain. It is an unauthorized, independent publication house based on internet finance.

Cointelegraph overview

This site offers bitcoin prices, latest news, breakthroughs, finance news, analysis. Digital currencies take over the global market day by day. We are proudly enjoying these innovative offers and advantages, as the number of entrepreneurs, consumers and businesses are increasing in accepting this technology.  A UK handbook for journalism reviewed cointelegraph as one the best sources for news in the cryptoarena.

How it works?

On this site there are countless articles and news that catches an eye of the huge amount of audiences.

  • Graphic designers easily produce identical images for every article.
  • Editorial style and work are professional and crisp.
  • Cointelegraph is best in content localizing.
  • Cointelegraph also has international sites like North America, Eastern Europe and East Asia.

The publication of cointelegraph has a mandate sole purpose of educating their global public about financial technology, and not just cryptocurrency but about the various decentralized applications, blockchain and next gen web.

Business Orientation

Cointelegraph has experience in startup internet, the set up for production line well maintained editorial team, management and advertising team, which also communicates with readers. Cointelegraph has a mobile application with notification alert options, allows updated and quick news every day.

Cointelegraph also offers opportunities for individuals and organizations to expertise with a franchise. This helps the parties which are interested to start their own businesses with support in translation and editorial, sharing model and hosting marketing support.


Cointelegraph was the huge platform for providing educative information during its launch periods, so the publishers launched a cointelegraph section for education. It analyzes and guides usefulness of bitcoin and the uses of bitcoin in housing purposes.

There is a section called explanation where you can access “how to” to explain crypto fundamentals and fintech and also another section including regulations to keep track of different policies and lawmaking in the global bitcoin market.