A bitcoin is an opposed to physical currency that we use in our day to day life. It is a digital currency to purchase products and services online. Bitcoin is an open source and a non-authorized system, anyone can take part to use it. Basically, it is a trending currency Encrypter which emerges money while maintaining privacy.

A bitcoin is worth 100 dollars, there can be various usage of a bitcoin in which some are good and the other ways are in a criminal way, such as many criminals use bitcoin, as it doesn’t include government or a centralized bank and also that the transfer rates are lower.

What is CoinDesk?

Specializing in digital currencies and bitcoin, coindesk is a well-known news website. This website was acquired by the venture capital company named Digital Currency Group and was founded in 2013 by Shakil Khan. Its main concept is to inform and educate the global community about the digital currencies recent updates and price indexes.

Every year coindesk hosts a consensus summit, which is a must attend blockchain technology gatherings of the active individuals in the blockchain ecosystem. There are various reviews that coindesk published in the recent years, like

The State of Bitcoin Report

The state of bitcoin was released by coindesk in February 2014 with certain goals to provide the global public.

  • Cryptocurrency trends.
  • Cryptocurrency challenges.
  • Opportunities

The Bitcoin Price Index

The Bitcoin price index was first launched and initiated in September 2013, bitcoin price index is the average prices of bitcoin over the global bitcoin exchanges which was accumulated through the price data issued by BTC-e, CampBX and Bitstamp excluding Mt. Gox data. Although Mt. Gox was added and eventually removed as it failed to meet the index’s standards.

Different Crypto Assets

Various investors believe that crypto assets can be different if protocol goes up or transactions increase, but history says it’s not that easy. The fastest growing company that represented 50 stocks in the 1960s, Nifty Fifty’s investing growth gone wild. The Xerox, Motorola, Kodak and Texas were listed as great stocks of America. The stocks were kept holding and buy, but not to be sold. It resulted in high expense of the assets.


A node is a strong and powerful computer which is used to run bitcoin software. This not only protects the software, but also helps in transaction around the world. Some of them are miners, this group does an awesome performance in transaction and to add blockchain.