Do you want to slim down to fit in a bathing suit or for some special event; exercise is the only way to weight loss equation. Exercise preserves muscle mass better. Maintaining muscle makes weight loss easier and considering an exercise leisurely bike ride helps shaving off pounds. Indoor cycling on an exercise bike helps to strengthen your legs, core and glutes muscles and also to tone without bulking your thighs.  Of course, the indoor cycling routine is useful when it includes training and nutrition as basic rules.

A few tips to help you stay healthy, strong and to slim down

  • Firstly, eat before riding. Yes, you heard it right that exercising on empty stomach is beneficial, but providing enough energy to your body to ride assures maximal benefits. Any early morning class also is best with eating something before riding for 30 minutes. This can be anything from a slice of toast, a small banana or whole-grain cereal a handful.
  • Ensure you take protein and carbs in combination. Drink plenty of water during, before and after the ride. Burn calories as thermic food effect and your body should take sufficient water so that calories are burned efficiently and your metabolism hums.
  • Vary the pace. Split your workouts. take a cycling class for 45-minutes, do solo sessions and when you take a small interval, you burn calories faster as you go on a comfortable pace and do harder pedaling bursts. During the workout, go at moderate pace. It will trigger exercise after oxygen consumption causing to burn for few hours more calories.
  • Revamp cycling workouts. Daily doing the same ride will make your body adapt to the activity. The solution is to switch up the ride types and vary intensity, coax body into burning faster the calories.
  • Do resistance training to enjoy more burning of calories by performing one set strength training exercises such that each muscle group is given work each week two to three times.
  • Replenish muscles properly. Take protein and carbohydrates in combination and replenish your muscle glycogen. Thus provide amino acids to repair muscle and building. It will keep your metabolism and muscles operating smoothly and preparing your body for next workout.
  • Cycling is a high-intensity exercise and so you can eat that you want and yet enjoy losing weight. Keep moving and give yourself a treat at times. A right approach is to move more so that you achieve the weight-loss goal.