If you ever want to know the differences between these two, you can read details


BitKong has been the best betting game in the whole area which is really addictive as well as fun to play and therefore is leading the market in bitcoin gambling area. Not only does it have an interesting gameplay but they are not dependent on any of third party games of casino and other games.

Satoshi Mines

Satoshi Mines with respect to all the other gambling websites present on the internet, Satoshi mines has been able to get a foothold of the services because they have revolutionized the industry by the use of bitcoin technology  and an online minesweeper game.

Now in the below table we compare BitKong with Satoshi Mines based on the points mentioned in the table itself.


Categories for Comparison BitKong Satoshi Mines
Regestring an account While the account registration is quite confusing task in BitKong but it becomes quite easy when you find that you have a Log-in option only by Facebook and in three steps the account gets created for you. During sign-up you do not need to register, just by setting a custom display name and adding funds you can start playing but when someone comes to know about your custom url then your account will be hacked.
Dashboard Features of the account It has a much more simple account dashboard having only three options of account, transactions as well as affiliate feature. All the account features are locked, email cannot be changed but you only have the ability to change the alias from homepage. The dashboard of the account has a quite simple interface and can be easily figured out by a layman. It has a deposit as well as withdrawal options too. The disadvantage is due to its simple nature and low contrast colour schemes, it becomes difficult to understand text on mobiles
The gameplay This game of BitKong is quite simple and is like a simple minesweeper game. There is also an option to set the game from easy to hard and in easy you play with 3 columns and then it decreases to 1 column on hard mode.

The better thing is there is a demo version, just practice the game without depositing any money and get a hang of the game then deposit the coins and start playing professionally.

When you sign up on the website, you are provided with a 5×5 grid in which you have to harvest greens like the minesweeper game in your Computers and when you click on a mine that game ends for you. If you are able to gather a large number of greens, your multiplier increases with a much better amount and that means more money for you.