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How to Find the Correct Lie for Your Golf Clubs

If you find that your divots are not straight but are cutting across either left to right or right to left, the lie for your clubs may be too upright or too flat. This will cause great inconsistency in your ball striking, resulting in you hitting the ball right or left of the target.

Go to your local club professional or nearest stockist for the brand of clubs that you have and ask them to check out the lie angle of your clubs.

This is easily done. The procedure is that you will go to the range and will hit balls from a small graphite mat. You will then try a variety of clubs (normally a 5 or 6 iron) with differing lie angles. A sticker with graduated lines on it will be placed on the sole of the club and you will continue the process until you find a club where you are marking the sticker at the neutral point. This is the lie angle required for your clubs.

Now that the correct lie angle has been determined, they can be altered to suit you perfectly.

A golf club professional will be able carry out this work for you in his workshop for a reasonable fee. I would imagine that a stockist would have to return the clubs to the manufacturer to have this process carried out, unless they have golf club tool facilities in store.

I know from personal experience that Ping will carry out these alterations for you free of charge. Your local professional will return them to Ping for you and all you pay is the postage costs. I have had this work carried out by Ping on 2 occasions. On a 3rd occasion I was a bit pushed for time as I required the clubs for a competition, so I asked by local professional to carry out the work in his workshop. It was slightly more expensive that just paying postage costs, although only marginal and I had the benefit of having the job done almost immediately.

So if you are having problems with ball sticking consistency and your divots are not straight, have the lie angles checked out.