Cointelegraph is a news site in London, launched in the month of October, 2013. The cointelegraph is a source which provides news based on cryptocurrency, bitcoin gambling, blockchain, crypto market, etc. It has no public statement that its publishers own bitcoin. There was a public statement which proves that some of the writers in the publishing house received bitcoin as a payment.

There are various sources which show that for advertising purposes media is now accepting bitcoin as a payment method. Two conferences were organized by cointelegraph in 2017 on the topic of Blockchain. It is an unauthorized, independent publication house based on internet finance.

Cointelegraph overview

This site offers bitcoin prices, latest news, breakthroughs, finance news, analysis. Digital currencies take over the global market day by day. We are proudly enjoying these innovative offers and advantages, as the number of entrepreneurs, consumers and businesses are increasing in accepting this technology.  A UK handbook for journalism reviewed cointelegraph as one the best sources for news in the cryptoarena.

How it works?

On this site there are countless articles and news that catches an eye of the huge amount of audiences.

  • Graphic designers easily produce identical images for every article.
  • Editorial style and work are professional and crisp.
  • Cointelegraph is best in content localizing.
  • Cointelegraph also has international sites like North America, Eastern Europe and East Asia.

The publication of cointelegraph has a mandate sole purpose of educating their global public about financial technology, and not just cryptocurrency but about the various decentralized applications, blockchain and next gen web.

Business Orientation

Cointelegraph has experience in startup internet, the set up for production line well maintained editorial team, management and advertising team, which also communicates with readers. Cointelegraph has a mobile application with notification alert options, allows updated and quick news every day.

Cointelegraph also offers opportunities for individuals and organizations to expertise with a franchise. This helps the parties which are interested to start their own businesses with support in translation and editorial, sharing model and hosting marketing support.


Cointelegraph was the huge platform for providing educative information during its launch periods, so the publishers launched a cointelegraph section for education. It analyzes and guides usefulness of bitcoin and the uses of bitcoin in housing purposes.

There is a section called explanation where you can access “how to” to explain crypto fundamentals and fintech and also another section including regulations to keep track of different policies and lawmaking in the global bitcoin market.

A bitcoin is an opposed to physical currency that we use in our day to day life. It is a digital currency to purchase products and services online. Bitcoin is an open source and a non-authorized system, anyone can take part to use it. Basically, it is a trending currency Encrypter which emerges money while maintaining privacy.

A bitcoin is worth 100 dollars, there can be various usage of a bitcoin in which some are good and the other ways are in a criminal way, such as many criminals use bitcoin, as it doesn’t include government or a centralized bank and also that the transfer rates are lower.

What is CoinDesk?

Specializing in digital currencies and bitcoin, coindesk is a well-known news website. This website was acquired by the venture capital company named Digital Currency Group and was founded in 2013 by Shakil Khan. Its main concept is to inform and educate the global community about the digital currencies recent updates and price indexes.

Every year coindesk hosts a consensus summit, which is a must attend blockchain technology gatherings of the active individuals in the blockchain ecosystem. There are various reviews that coindesk published in the recent years, like

The State of Bitcoin Report

The state of bitcoin was released by coindesk in February 2014 with certain goals to provide the global public.

  • Cryptocurrency trends.
  • Cryptocurrency challenges.
  • Opportunities

The Bitcoin Price Index

The Bitcoin price index was first launched and initiated in September 2013, bitcoin price index is the average prices of bitcoin over the global bitcoin exchanges which was accumulated through the price data issued by BTC-e, CampBX and Bitstamp excluding Mt. Gox data. Although Mt. Gox was added and eventually removed as it failed to meet the index’s standards.

Different Crypto Assets

Various investors believe that crypto assets can be different if protocol goes up or transactions increase, but history says it’s not that easy. The fastest growing company that represented 50 stocks in the 1960s, Nifty Fifty’s investing growth gone wild. The Xerox, Motorola, Kodak and Texas were listed as great stocks of America. The stocks were kept holding and buy, but not to be sold. It resulted in high expense of the assets.


A node is a strong and powerful computer which is used to run bitcoin software. This not only protects the software, but also helps in transaction around the world. Some of them are miners, this group does an awesome performance in transaction and to add blockchain.

Do you want to slim down to fit in a bathing suit or for some special event; exercise is the only way to weight loss equation. Exercise preserves muscle mass better. Maintaining muscle makes weight loss easier and considering an exercise leisurely bike ride helps shaving off pounds. Indoor cycling on an exercise bike helps to strengthen your legs, core and glutes muscles and also to tone without bulking your thighs.  Of course, the indoor cycling routine is useful when it includes training and nutrition as basic rules.

A few tips to help you stay healthy, strong and to slim down

  • Firstly, eat before riding. Yes, you heard it right that exercising on empty stomach is beneficial, but providing enough energy to your body to ride assures maximal benefits. Any early morning class also is best with eating something before riding for 30 minutes. This can be anything from a slice of toast, a small banana or whole-grain cereal a handful.
  • Ensure you take protein and carbs in combination. Drink plenty of water during, before and after the ride. Burn calories as thermic food effect and your body should take sufficient water so that calories are burned efficiently and your metabolism hums.
  • Vary the pace. Split your workouts. take a cycling class for 45-minutes, do solo sessions and when you take a small interval, you burn calories faster as you go on a comfortable pace and do harder pedaling bursts. During the workout, go at moderate pace. It will trigger exercise after oxygen consumption causing to burn for few hours more calories.
  • Revamp cycling workouts. Daily doing the same ride will make your body adapt to the activity. The solution is to switch up the ride types and vary intensity, coax body into burning faster the calories.
  • Do resistance training to enjoy more burning of calories by performing one set strength training exercises such that each muscle group is given work each week two to three times.
  • Replenish muscles properly. Take protein and carbohydrates in combination and replenish your muscle glycogen. Thus provide amino acids to repair muscle and building. It will keep your metabolism and muscles operating smoothly and preparing your body for next workout.
  • Cycling is a high-intensity exercise and so you can eat that you want and yet enjoy losing weight. Keep moving and give yourself a treat at times. A right approach is to move more so that you achieve the weight-loss goal.

Hollywood strength brand you trust that lone secret armed operators need night vision binoculars, nonetheless in realism, these valuable plans come in near for numerous circumstances.

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As finished any high-tech tool, it is conceivable to apply a lot of cash on nightly hallucination binoculars then tranquil end up through approximately that may consent you displeased, so burden a moment of exploration previously can except you a share of anxiety in the elongated run.

The amount one object to appear out for in nightly vision eyeglasses is copy excellence. On balance, the foremost determination of the eyeglasses is to improve your individual hallucination besides to get in lights circumstances that could generally be incredible to the bare eye.

Top 10 picks:

There are the top 10 binoculars that you should consider:

  • Nightly Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular: bids the emblem Night Owl superiority and affluence of custom deprived of a worth ticket that is profitable to placed you in liability.
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  • Bushnell: It has stayed in occupational for additional than six periods and is a familiar name in the optics business.
  • The Sniper Deluxe Night Hallucination binoculars: It proposals you a amusing and vigorous method to get in the dark.

The conclusion:

Most mutual night apparition binoculars immobile custom age group 1 expertise, whichever is higher and heavyweight than novel cohorts, but similarly much calmer on the folder.

Some builders power opt for inexpensive optics before odder intensifier pipes to but charges, nevertheless this resolve obviously be imitated in the copy superiority.

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In the modern world, technology is giving lots of opportunity for the better life of people. Digital currency is one of the major movement in the economy. It is giving economic freedom in people’s life. Everything is not for easy use but still, it is giving high e-money system for everyone. Bitcoin is world’s first digital currency system which came into force in 2010. In an earlier time, the valuation of Bitcoin was less but now it is a trending system across the world.


Bitcoin is known worldwide as cryptocurrency and it is a peer-to-peer system for the users where Bitcoins are sent from one account to another account directly. The best thing is there is no intermediary by whom the transaction will be done. So, there is no third party in between a money processing system. Beside of that, Bitcoin money transfer system does not supervise by any regulatory body such as bank or government. So you can do as much as you want.

Use of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is used for many purposes. You can buy items with Bitcoin. You can send e-money through Bitcoin or you can just send or get Bitcoin through Bitcoin wallet. Playing games is also possible with Bitcoin payment. Changing the Bitcoin into countries’ money is also possible. So, it is the best possible way to use freely. You can store as much as Bitcoin in your account as an investment for future use.

While mining, there are websites which will give you a brief idea about the pricing of a mining pool, Bitcoin price, cloud mining price etc. you must check this before start mining or use Bitcoin for the transfer process.

Bitcoin mining price

Here is the price for Bitcoin home mining or cloud mining. You can do this own buy taking subscription for mining. This will start in 6 months and you can take longer to 1 year or 2 years. The prices are different for a different package. Additionally, there is also daily fees which you have to pay for the sites where you will take service. A Bitcoin will cost approximate $6690 for each and it is also variable as per market condition.

There is almost $114.4-billion-dollar market capital as Bitcoin Core Price (BTC) and right now among 21 million Bitcoin, 17.1 million Bitcoin are available in the market. When you will follow chart, you can see that there is a daily 146K transaction of Bitcoin. So, you need to follow price chart of Bitcoin first to know more about it and make sure you have a Bitcoin wallet to access Bitcoin successfully.

If you ever want to know the differences between these two, you can read details


BitKong has been the best betting game in the whole area which is really addictive as well as fun to play and therefore is leading the market in bitcoin gambling area. Not only does it have an interesting gameplay but they are not dependent on any of third party games of casino and other games.

Satoshi Mines

Satoshi Mines with respect to all the other gambling websites present on the internet, Satoshi mines has been able to get a foothold of the services because they have revolutionized the industry by the use of bitcoin technology  and an online minesweeper game.

Now in the below table we compare BitKong with Satoshi Mines based on the points mentioned in the table itself.


Categories for Comparison BitKong Satoshi Mines
Regestring an account While the account registration is quite confusing task in BitKong but it becomes quite easy when you find that you have a Log-in option only by Facebook and in three steps the account gets created for you. During sign-up you do not need to register, just by setting a custom display name and adding funds you can start playing but when someone comes to know about your custom url then your account will be hacked.
Dashboard Features of the account It has a much more simple account dashboard having only three options of account, transactions as well as affiliate feature. All the account features are locked, email cannot be changed but you only have the ability to change the alias from homepage. The dashboard of the account has a quite simple interface and can be easily figured out by a layman. It has a deposit as well as withdrawal options too. The disadvantage is due to its simple nature and low contrast colour schemes, it becomes difficult to understand text on mobiles
The gameplay This game of BitKong is quite simple and is like a simple minesweeper game. There is also an option to set the game from easy to hard and in easy you play with 3 columns and then it decreases to 1 column on hard mode.

The better thing is there is a demo version, just practice the game without depositing any money and get a hang of the game then deposit the coins and start playing professionally.

When you sign up on the website, you are provided with a 5×5 grid in which you have to harvest greens like the minesweeper game in your Computers and when you click on a mine that game ends for you. If you are able to gather a large number of greens, your multiplier increases with a much better amount and that means more money for you.

If you might have ever played on any of the gambling websites or lottery systems, you get a really nice game of dice in which you chose the number and the size of the bet and then if your number matches the dice, you win the bet there and then. But you might have always wondered how this system works. How do these company determine what number will be shown on the dice?

Let’s find out

The dice game for all the websites is based on the theory of probability and for winning you need to have an understanding of the algorithm and if you get a good grasp of it, you will win hefty amounts on the platform in the dice game.

Now let’s discuss about the cryptocurrencies usage for these games in detail and how they are beneficial for you.

The power of cryptocurrency- unleashed

  1. You always remain anonymous – As you know that in a lottery or gambling you will win hefty amount of money and no one wants everyone to know that what amount they have won, not even the banking systems because they will not take care of the money earned from gambling websites.

Because of banks not withdrawing your money, the money gets struck in the system and so by using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, so you can liquefy the bitcoin to money easily without any problem with the concerned institutions.

And the most crucial thing of the process is – no taxes. What you earn is what you get and this is the best secret formula for success ever.

  1. Block chain technology is decentralized and provides you with amazing security benefits – Bitcoins as well as other cryptocurrencies are considered the most secure as it is based on the technology of block chain, so only you have access over your coins and your identity is never released because there is no governing body for cryptocurrencies unlike other financial institutions.

Getting the most benefits

The dice game provides you with the most benefits as it is quite easy to play and if you know the tricks of probability and you have mastered the technique of how the number will show on the dice, then you will have a chance to outshine in this game and gamble for yourself a lot of amount and then these cryptocurrencies which you get will benefit you the most.